A Day of Pool

It's was so nice to have an event free weekend.  Normally I would take this time to catch up on edits and such.  I was tempted to decline this invitation when my sister in law called, but I didn't.  My brother and his wife recently purchased a house and the Hubby and I (along with the rest of my family) were invited for a day of splashing in the pool and then afterwards play a game of pool inside.  

It's funny that we all view parents as beings that only started to exist when they married and had kids.  If you take the time to dig deeper, parents had a life before marrying and having children.  After everyone went inside from getting SPLASHED from the kids at the pool, I went to the front of the house and saw my dad playing pool...you know... the one with the eight ball...a stick and a big table with felt on.  Anyway, I was impressed with my dad and his ability to play a decent game.  Two of my nieces decided to join in and there came a competition of the classic game of pool.  That is where I began to think about my father as a "person" rather than a "dad".  

He never mentioned before that he knew how to play or that he was actually good at it, but nevertheless his "before" life came together with his "afterlife" that afternoon.  It was a good family time being spent.  I was glad at the end of the day that I didn't decline.  Though I am behind in edits, I was able to spend tim with my family.  After all, that is what is important, right?  

Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them....it was nice to hold a camera and not worry about who it was for or whatnot.  That's where I started a long time ago; just a gal who loved to take pictures!