The Sweet Life of Logan.

The sweet life of Logan?  Is it a book, or maybe a famous play?   "No." is my reply.  In fact, the photographs you will see will not show sweet Logan.  Why is it that?  He is not born yet.  I know, I know...this is not making sense.  I promise if you keep reading, I will explain.  Here it goes:

I met Coral and Brian about a year ago.  I was friends with Rosy, who is Coral's mom, in high school and I was honored that the family asked me to be part of their wedding.  I met with them twice before for their engagement session and truly enjoyed getting to know how they met, how Brian proposed and all the wonderful things they will look forward to once they become Man and Wife. Their wedding was absolutely stunning and I wish they could of hidden me in one of their suitcases when they went to Thailand for their Honeymoon.

Fast forward a few months later, they made the announcement that they were expecting a baby boy and his name will be....(take a wild guess?), Logan!  Dear, sweet Logan, as I write this you are still in your mother's womb safely floating in water without a care in your inside world.  But on the outside world, there is much to tell.  You were created by two incredible people and more importantly, you were created in love.  I am so excited for your mother and father to experience your love, your life and your joy.  Both sets of your Grandparents are so excited for you to be born and I cannot wait til you meet your sweet Uncles and your crazy Aunts who are spitfires and never have a dull moment to their lives.  What's most important is everyone in your family already love you more than you will ever know and they are beyond excited for your arrival.  

So as I sit here on a Friday night blogging away, I have the dog next to me snoring away and I am close to tears.  The happiness and excitement that I feel for this family is difficult to describe.  I can only say this; the day my first child was born my mother said something to me that I will never forget.  She looked at me and then she looked at my son just hours old and said to me this....

"Now you will know the love I feel you because now you are a mother." Those words struck me and they still do today.  

Congratulations Coral and Brian, the journey that you are beginning is a journey that will be the most challenging, the most difficult and yet the most rewarding.  Coral, you will never begin to understand the love your mother has for you until the day you will hold your Sweet Logan in your arms.  That is when you will know.  Right, Rosy?