Happy Anniversary Bonnie and Shelley

I wish I can write soley on the decor of this evening or how lovely the weather was that evening. It’s easy to chime in on the aesthetics but the TRUE beauty of this party was the heart of two beautiful people.

I was honored when I heard back from Bonnie about a celebration that the family wanted to me to document. Her and her husband Shelley were celebrating their 25th Anniversary. In addition, they wanted to renew their wedding vows. How awesome is that?

I had first met them both when I was hired to document Shelley’s 90th birthday at Fisher Island a couple years back.

To be a witness of a family’s celebration is so incredibly amazing. All the love that flows through out the night and observing the happiness is such an honor. The decor was amazing, the weather was perfect and the vow renewal ceremony was so beautiful. After the couple exchanged vows, I turned around and saw there wasn’t a dry eye in sight.

Marriage is hard. Anyone who is married knows that. Not all relationships last. When you get a second chance of love, it is a gift. However the chances to succeed are not good. Statistics show that second marriages are more likely to fail than first marriages. Add blended families to the mix and the numbers are even lower. In knowing all this, seeing Bonnie and Shelly celebrating 25 years gives me hope. The love that they had for each other and of that of their families was magnificent to see. Looking at their kids, their grandkids and their friends, you were in the presence of the 25 years of the fruits of their labor. It is a rarity to see and honor to be there to document it not only for them, but for future generations to appreciate it.

The celebration was held at their son’s home both indoor and outdoor. Once again, the weather was perfect and the decor was stunning. It almost felt like I was watching a movie. Take the time to look at these photos, you’ll see the magic that happened that night.

Source: www.marcyvanegasphotography.com