Renee and Joseph are ENGAGED!

The first time I met Renee and Joseph face to face was about five minutes before we started shooting. We met at the pier parking lot in Deerfield Beach, Florida. I recognized them right away from the way they held themselves together as two people in love. Renee has a beautiful son that I just fell in love with too. They recently moved from Alaska. Yes, ALASKA. That day at the beach was un commonly cold for me of course, but not for them! Lol. We had been in touch via email prior to meeting and I was looking forward to spending time with them and getting to know their love story while I was photographing them.

6:30 in the morning is not ideal for me since I am a night owl. But if anyone knows me, knows how much I LOVE photographing sunrises. What is really cool is you never know what colors God may bring that morning. Sometimes they are purples and pinks and other times they are blues and yellows. That day it was a gorgeous fire red, yellows and oranges. It looked spectacular and of course I was in awe. Congratulations Renee and Joseph! Can’t wait to see what the future will hold for you both as well as your son!

Tere, Stephen and the twins....

Living in South Florida has it's ups and downs when it comes to being a Photographer.  We have the unique opportunity to enjoy great weather all year long.  The last time it snowed around here was in 1978 when I was 8 years old (oh boy, I am showing my age!).  Because of the lack of weather changes here, you can pretty much photograph anything all year long.  However, the summer is usually slow here because it is too damn HOT to get married.  I'm gets HOT here in South Florida.  Though there is still business here, there are more opportunities to go up north since it's a big deal that the weather there is great.  That's the thing about us Floridians; we take for granted that we don't have to deal with the snow.  I personally know of a lot of Wedding Vendors who take extended vacations during this time.  Nothing wrong with that.  For me though, I like to keep busy.  This is where I started to explore the idea of doing year round work.  First and foremost, I LOVE to travel and I LOVE to photograph.  When you put these two things together, you end (at least I do) flying up north to photograph weddings, family sessions and such.  As much as I love the beach and fun in the sun, it is so nice to photograph in areas that are new.  For the next few posts, I will be sharing with you my adventures up north.  Here is my first one of those trips.  Tere and Stephen live in Boston with their two beautiful girls.  They invited me to spend a weekend with them to photograph their family and enjoy the sights of the New England area. We not only took some great pictures in Boston, but we also went to Rhode Island for a day.  Here are some photographs of their family along with a summer picnic I tagged along to as well.  I hope you enjoy!